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Murano chandeliers ,venetian lamps,glass lighting,italian crystal.Since the end of the 12th century, when the crystal was invented on this island, the name venetian glasshas always been widely and badly used to give a famous name to imitations that have nothing to do with the island  and its masters. Today, unfortunately, there are only a few of these masters left, we with our products are trying to defend this tradition against all the massproduced,plastic lookalike glass, moulded, recycled glass, fragile because not cooled down correctly, apprendice production, which modern technology has helped to spread. As you yourself can see, the difference in quality is evident, a Murano item is a piece of art, and just like a piece of art is signed and certificated by our masters.
Do you know that a chandelier is the first thing that is noticed when you walk into a place? If you have spent a fortune for your beautiful house and forniture, Is it convenient not to buy a Murano chandelier?Its
visible effect  is very evident when you enter a place; it can change a simply furnished room into an elegant one, or it can enhance a beautifully decorated place.Like any signed piece of art,  Murano chandeliers are also a very valid investment, If for some reason in the future an owner of one of these hand made products decides to change furnishings, he will find antique dealers, auctions or sellers willing to purchase them.  

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Murano chandelier, in general is without doubt the most important item of the Murano glass production and also of the entire lighting world because a Murano chandelier is not only ornamental, above all it serves a distinctive purpose of shedding light in a beautiful way, because our products are a demonstration of centuries of art, craftsmanship, culture and good taste.Nowadays when everything is mass-produced, venetian lights can also be considered a valid investment.

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. But of course they must be authentic ones(it takes from 3 days to a couple of weeks for a nicely decorated Venetian lamp), moulded reproductions will be easily spotted by an expert Authentic venetian lamp fittings and fine glass made by the best glass artists using traditional methods which have been handed down from father to son and from Master to apprentice for 1000 years. Most of our products are rare,and impossible to find them outside of venetian environment. Some very exclusive designs,shapes and colors belong only to few glass Masters who  still keep the very old secrets. All these secrets are the base of the knowledgeand know how which make Venetian glass the best in the world. It seems impossible that for a thousand years the chain father to son has remained intact, there are very few of these traditions left today but unfortunately it is a dying art because it is a job which means sacrifice both physical and mental.
Certainly now  there are not may people able to appreciate
the work of these artists also because the invasion of very
low  quality  products coming from other Countries are
confusing the potential clients of light fittings which maybe
prefere to buy less expensive items considering that they
are very similar to the real ones but of course made with
industrial methods that have nothing to do with the real art.

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